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Ménage à 20 (Twenty Goodreads Authors)


Here you are! We’re glad you made it. Have a look around and help yourself to the goodies.

Have you come for the incomparable Ménage à 20? Then, in the words of our wonderful Rita J. Webb, you’re in the right place for the prized possession, the pearl of all stories and the wind painted in the spring.

You’ve heard of twenty lonely writers who have dreamed a song to remember, of justice with knights and their ladies Emily and Elizabeth, of nightmares with yellow-fanged monsters and demons crawling through the fine print, of love for Valentines and donuts, of chaos where she couldn’t let go of her elderly cares, and of horses who were never harmed in the making of this book?

Then, come peer into the window to view a room of idle commitment and foundational faults, not forgetting to drop by for supper.

What? You don’t understand a word? Here, download the free Ménage à 20 e-book and everything will be clear.

You don't have Adobe Reader? Panic not! Here's a link to download the latest reader.

You like the cover? Well, here’s a file with a high-resolution cover. You can print it and paste it all over your town.

HR Cover

The writers? On the back cover there’s a collage of their faces on El Greco’s El Entierro del Conde Orgaz. Too small? No problem. Here’s a high-resolution photograph; you can print it to cover your dartboard.

HR The Authors

A wallpaper? Of course. Below you’ll find two files.

Cover Wallpaper

The Authors Wallpaper

You hate reading on a screen? We can help there but, unfortunately we’re broke. Our work we give free but Lulu doesn’t. Still... at a few cents a story it’s a steal. Below you will find two links for the paperback and hardback editions. will craft a physical copy for the cost of printing and shipping, no commissions or royalties for us.






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