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Carlos J Cortes is the author of numerous unpublished novels and one of the World’s least influential people. After the dogged efforts of Kristin Lindstrom, his indefatigable agent, his first SF thriller, Perfect Circle will see the light in the fall of 2008. The second, probably Prisoner, another SF thriller, will follow.

Carlos studied music, engineering, and a plethora of obscure subjects before turning his efforts to writing technical tomes on hilarious themes such as light physics, lighting science and fiber optics. Undeterred by failure when none of his published books ever reached the New York Times bestselling list, he co-wrote three books on Bridge.

The son of an absconded father and a seamstress, Carlos grew up in the streets of Madrid’s old quarter surrounded by an elite of hustlers and other intellectuals, the salt of the Earth, the kind of guys who would insist that you keep enough for bus fare after taking your wallet. These complementary perspectives and thirty years of wandering through six continents served as inspiration for his fiction work.

As a Bridge player, he overbids with imaginations, impasses his own hand and squeezes himself out of dummy, but never blames his partner.

He lives rough at present in Barcelona.


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